(Thursday) the days in tow start to become a symbol of how late my updates are rather than having any real significance

After the huge success of my last video update where I made people lie in the comments section and tell me how great it was I've been spending ridiculous ammounts of time b#ggering about trying to make another. The only difference this time is that I have been trying to make something which is good. It turns out that's a bit more tricky.

So I've adapted an old stand-up routine, which was written and never performed, for reasons which will become clear to you soon. Obviously this is just me messing about with a very warped logic an even less effective camera phone and some silly drum loops. I imagine that if you are a regular reader of this blog your expectations as regards my video making skills will already be suitably low but if you're new to this site, be warned this really was just for fun.

Direct link is here.

Obviously as regards this one I'm prepared for a different standard of rational criticism and would like you to lie not only to me but also to your friends. Tell them that if the earth were to split open and give birth to a YouTube video it would be this one that would fall onto the floor covered in a pool of disgusting gaian afterbirth. This video will be part of the 2012 consciousness awakening! It'll transform your f#cking life man! So, err. Y'know. Rate it 5/5 in the little section on the YouTube site?

Don't be a c#nt and put 1/5*. That joke is precluded from being funny by virtue of the fact that I've pre-empted it. Putting 1/5 would mark you out as a fool not me. Given that I've already made the 1/5 joke here. Just then.

If anything wit would dictate that 2/5 is funnier now. But for the same reasons that won't work either.

For big laughs 5/5 is the one you should tick if you are elligible to rate the video. So, y'know, tick that**.


*Pretentious w#nk bags who work in advertising believe that there is no such thing as a negative in thought control. According to their NLP bibles telling someone "not" to do something is the same thing as telling them to do it. It'll be interesting to see how many people who read this blog are able to think for themselves. I'm of the opinion that everyone who reads it is amazing. They will be able to not vote 1/5. They can think for themselves and do what any thinking person would do. Vote 5/5. If you don't you're on the side of the advertising scum w#nk bags who believe in things like NLP!

** So you'll need to follow the direct link to it to vote, 5/5. If you can vote on it. If not the above rant was just a load of silly nonsense. Like the video.


A made up secret one so people don't realise it's me said…
That is amazing. Nick, you're ace! I just happened to come across this website at half 4 in the morning and I was amazed.

I didn't come across it in that way. I'm looking at everything but porn. Despite the late hour.

And I am not Nick writing this under a false name to make it look like eveyone who has been on this post f#cking loved that video. I'm someone else. Not Nick.

Clare said…
Well I'm not Nick, and I like it. It made me smile. Nearly Genius. 4/5
Nicholarse said…
Excellent. I like that phrase, 'nearly genius' as opposed to 'clearly genius'. I'll have to drop that into casual conversation at some point.


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