(Thursday) Excitement isn't even the world.

Urrgh. Looking back at last year it's obvious that my entries around Xmas time are usually a bit short and, frankly rubbish. Tonight I bought some Baileys and nailed a good few glasses in front of the telly. It was the last night of me doing the show today as I take time off for the season. I always worry though about drinking alone. It seems like the first step on a potentially slippery slope. I'm glad I don't drink Baileys outside of this time of year. It'd be an absolute piece of p#ss to get hooked on that stuff. A Bailey's-o-holic rather than an alcoholic. I'm convinced that I'd drink alcohol free Baileys if such a thing existed. I suppose it does, they call it milkshake.

Currently I'm loving the new Baileys Caramel which they've brought out. Limited edition along with the Mint Chocolate flavour stuff which someone told me tastes a bit of mouthwash, so I've not tried it.

Does that make me shallow? You don't try something because someone else tells you it's rubbish? That dilemma has arisen with the new Ricky Gervais film Night At The Museum. It's got two of my favourite performers in there, Ben Stiller and Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan. But it's getting utterly s#itbox reviews left right and centre. Do you go and see a film which has people you respect in, despite the fact it looks like it's going to be a total turkey?

I think the answer should probably be "no" but the jury is still out.



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