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I'm a little stunned. I did my stand-up comedy and it went okay. I didn't "Beat The Frog" so only lasted about two minutes or so but my anal sex joke got a laugh for the first time ever. The only problem this time was I forgot my material a bit and started talking b#llocks towards the end. That said, it was a better performance than usual and I'm not thinking of quitting any time soon. In fact in the hazy excitement after the show I convinced my mate James Piekos to get up onstage and do some of his own brand of unique comedy. We're going to practice our sets together and everything!*

The gig itself was f#cking insane. The compare, Dan Nightingale, was unbelievably good. He had to deal with some stupid drunken students who were celebrating a 19th birthday party. One of them was so drunk she decided to try and sleep under the table. In the middle of his set she leaned forward and asked her mate in the loudest possible voice "Ha ha, what did he say?". When he had a go at her she replied "it's okay, carry on, carry on". Amazing. I've been drunk but it takes a special kind of juice to turn you into that sort of a tw#t. He managed to turn the whole thing round and got loads of material out of her without it becoming too boring for everyone else. In the end security removed her but I can't be anything other than amazed at his patience. And how funny he was about her.

There's one moment that sticks out in my mind. He said to one of her mates who was livid that she'd been chucked out;

"Sorry luv but I can't concentrate with her squirming away infront of me squealing, 'Mheerr - I'm lonely'!".

I don't know if it being written down like that quite sums it up but it's making me chuckle as I write. It's such an incisive comment to have landed into that situation. What I'm trying to say is, at his best that guy is a genius.

As for me, I think I'm more a comedy fan than a true comedian myself at the moment but I'm trying really hard to graduate, maybe next year will see it happen.

On my way back over to my girlfriend's house I listened to Late Night Nicksy on Key 103. It was odd to hear someone doing a live phone in show for the same company that I work for in my timeslot but on a different station. He's got an interesting way of doing things. It's quite BBC local radio. Lots of more mature callers on talking about the local bingo night and so forth. I tried to ring in and get on air but my call wasn't answered so I gave up after 20 minutes. Shame. Like I say, it was an interesting listen.


*Although he seemed keen on the idea last night I think a does of realism is quite important to inject here. He'd had a few drinks and was quite excited by life at the time he shook on this deal. Bby writing about it here I like to think I'm binding him to that drunken contract in a small way. His girlfriend occasionally reads this blog so with any luck she'll already be laughing at him. In a good way of course.


James Piekos said…
It's a deal. I'll be on stage before next march.

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