(Tuesday) Politicians are like p#nis's they make a f#cking mess.

Monday's Dog Picture, it's a day late so I've picked out a particularly special one.*

This is a picture of my mate Susan's Mum's dog Blitzen. It's a female staffy. Notice how Blitzen is clearly chilling out on the sofa? That's what dogs do. Not like cats who spend about 3 and a half hours pawing about and seeing if they can stick their claws into your lap as they get comfortable. Cats are sadistic whereas dogs are more task orientated. If a dog is going to f#ck you up it'll just do it man! If a cat is going to do you in they're happy to toy with you, sometimes forever. Part of this slow killing process is sticking their claws into you 'by accident'. What they're actually trying to do is gradually kill you so they can own your house. You've heard of those silly old women who leave all their possesions to their cat? That's why! Then there's that odd growling they make once they are comfortable, "purring" they call it. Dogs don't do that. If a dog does that it's 'coz they're annoyed. They've got a lot more focus you see. Dogs lie there like Blitzen is, thinking important things like; "I wonder if I'll get some food in a minute?". Blitzen is brilliant. Like all dogs.

I'm still recovering from my comedy performance yesterday. As a result I've been drawn into a bit of a spat with some kid on YouTube as regards this clip of Bill Hicks losing his rag:

Direct link.

I'm posting in the commets section under the name JohnnyThreePants. It's odd that I've been devoting attention to that particular Bill Hicks bootleg in that a recent comment on one of my previous posts drew me towards another clip from the same gig:
dan said...

you've prolly seen it before but this video never fails to improve my mood:



11:21 PM

I've been thinking quite a lot about the gig which is depicted there and it has always made me a little bit sad personally. I've got the whole thing on audio and poor Bill's act is just being ruined by stupid hecklers. In the era of happy slapping and confrontation it seems sort of cool but if you hear the whole gig it's just a bit "blurgh".

More interestingly though the comment itself is possibly an instance of synchronicity[external link to wikipedia], where two events coincide. I was thinking of it and someone posted about it without any prompting. Also today I was thinking of my girlfriend and literally a few seconds later she called me. Then this weekend I was thinking of an old audio tape I hadn't heard for years that my Mum and Dad have of me and my sister talking as toddlers. Then, oddly, my Mum mentions it to me and says they dug it out yesterday and listened to it with my sister.

My new obsession, Terrence McKenna, believed syncronicities would increase in frequency for all of us** as we head towards the singularity and causal consciousness shift predicted by the Mayan calendars and his novelty theory. I'm not sure I'm won over by the idea though. Human beings have evolved to make connections between things as a survival instinct. Rub together sticks, make fire. Eat raw food, get ill. Cook food not get ill. Etc.

However, I am now booked up to finish off the interview I started earlier this year with comic book genius Pat Mills next month. He's a firm believer in the phenomena of syncronicity so maybe I'll ask him more about it. I'm looking forward to seeing him again and finishing off what looks set to be the definitive interview with The Godfather Of British Comics.


*All dogs are special and now I feel bad for singling out Blitzen. If you want to send in a picture of your dog email me Nick@hallamfm.co.uk and give us a bit of detail to share with the world!

** I guess I can easily put paid to this debate. Post in the comments section if you have recently had a syncronicity experience. Comments can be made by anyone, you do not need a blogger account. There's a time delay between posting and publishing as I filter out spam first. If we get loads of posts it won't prove anything. If we get none it does, I think, prove something.


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