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So I go to the gym and I'm working out like usual. Wrapped up in my MP3 bubble. All the while I'm thinking, "huh, f#cking hell, I'm out of shape here". It was like my feet were clumping about as I thumped the treadmill with them. I felt really heavy and clumsy. It was really strange. I finished up after an hour feeling pretty odd about things. Then I sat down and realised that I'd left my normal shoes on and forgotten to put my trainers on! What a f#ckwit. As I recalled the session I got a few flashbacks of odd looks from various other patrons. Doh! I'd just returned their questioning glances with a smile as I thought to myself things like; "what's he looking at the daft c#nt?".

My mate has a fantastic picture on his blog of a dead bloke which he took. He was visiting Pompei in Italy. Pompei is a place which was a big city during the reign of the Roman Empire. It got destroyed in its prime by a volcanic erruption. The practical upshot of this is that the ash and volcanic fallout preserved part of the town for archeologists to excavate years later. Apparently its a place you can walk around and get a real sense of what it was like in Roman times. Oddly the conclusions my friend draws, that we haven't really moved on since roman times, is exactly the same one which my mate James Piekos came to when we spoke of it last night. Is this another synchronicity? No, no it's not. Neither is the fact that as we spoke about our mutual friend Daryl Denham later on that night, Daryl actually called me to see if I was up and fancied a wee chat*. Nor are all the other little coincidences which I've been noticing recently symptomatic of anything else. Why? Because I've proved that syncronicity is bunk. I think. Certainly noticing it a f#ck of a lot at the moment though.

You have to be pretty quick on the internet these days. I read on Chortle yesterday that comedian Pauly Shore got thumped in the face during his standup routine over the weekend. The following video was spreading round like wildfire.

In the likely even that it has been removed check this link or go to the direct link here.

As the excitement died down rumours started going round that it wasn't all as it seemed. Apparently the whole thing was a "hilarious" satirical hoax. This link explains more.

I find the internet to be a fascinating place. Such stupid stories wouldn't have been possible as little as five years ago. The same is true for the Michael Richards story which I covered in some detail here. Perhaps I should get someone to attack me onstage when I do my next open mic gig?**

Actually, no that's a really bad idea.


*I missed the call as I had my phone set to silent. This is an occupational hazard. I set it to silent when I'm in the radio studio and nine times out of ten totally forget to switch it back afterwards.

**Booked, March the 5th.


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