"With each arrow I try to plant a thought in your mind which will flower later in the day", Merlyn The Gizzard.

I was reading through Harvey Pooka's blog I found this little nugget of a quiz: How Nerdy are You? To be honest I'm more than a bit dissapointed with my score...

You Are 40% Nerdy

You're a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.
You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they've become a part of mainstream culture.

I've considered myself to be a proud nerd for sometime now. My pride in being a nerd came when I noticed that all the so-called cool kids I'd known as a kid turned out to be really boring f#ck ups, whereas most of the ones who were in my geeky crew at least did something interesting in life. Nothing worse than being boring and stupid people are f#cking boring. Clever people however usually carry the label geek. Fair enough, I'll have that.

Or rather, I won't! 40%?

It's hard to know what more I can do to improve my score: I was the Dungeon Master at school, I still own all my old 2000AD comics, I have a working knowledge of Middle Earth, I've seen Star Wars 100's of times and can recite the entire film dialogue with largely accurate R2D2 beeps, I'm an obsessive music fact fan, I enjoy reading books, I drive a rubbish car, hate football and haven't got a f#cking clue about clothes.

I've only ever been accidently cool for very brief periods of my life. When I was a student I was popular when the station I managed there went on FM for a little bit in the 3rd year, at secondry school I was cool for a day once when I was voted Head Of Sixth form, at Primary school I was cool for a week or so when I got Boba Fete for my birthday*.

It grates a bit to be only 40% nerdy! In order to beef up my "nerd" credentials I will share the following great website which I found with you:

The Aquaman Shrine!

It's all about the obscure comic book character Aquaman. I've always felt like Aquaman was a bit of a naff superhero but this site is great. Lovingly crafted. I think perhaps my reasons for disliking Aquaman are a combination of two factors. Firstly the rubbish cartoon they used to do of him when I was young that went out in place of my favourite, Batman. That was a real f#cking pain in the ars#! It meant only one thing to me: no more Batman, for a bit.

Secondly there was an incident once in a pub when I put some cash into a quiz machine and lost when the following question came up; who is this superhero a) Captain America b) Batman c) Aquaman? It had a picture of Aquaman but the quiz machine didn't agree. That was infuriating! The barman was having none of it. He'd clearly never heard of Aquaman. Unfortunately though, in this world you are not allowed to argue with machines.


*Lost it as well. Still bugs me. Where did I leave little Boba Fete? Pretty sure no one stole him. Not that sure. Perhaps they did. Nah, I lost him. Can't blame anyone else. I think it was by the slide where me and Luke were playing with him. Annoying.


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