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and so it begins...

(Saturday) Screaming out / like a cat caught / by a fox / in a dark car park / at night. Bleed me dry. Sweet honey pie.

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K".

It's all very exciting. (Thursday)

Hot chocolate at only 40 calories. What a bonus.

Some cloud cover daily (Tuesday)

Hope it all works out then (Monday)

Make it bleed by accident.

Pulling away the skin on my fingers... not a good idea.

(Friday) Tin sold on the market for five pound a pound

Znap out. Totally, znap out.

Here with me. Just get here with me.

Almost catching up now. That first word is the most important.

(Monday) Kick that ball like a good longpig.

Oh yeah lady baby. Keep looking at me. (Sunday)

So hot dang go

(Friday) snort it up like a good little pig.

(Thursday) He's not lost it.

I have to smell my finger after I poke my tummy button?

(tuesday) It's impossible to look for a ticket for a train without feeling like you've been caught without one.

Trout... salmon... cod... coy carp... herring...

I mean I could go on...

After all... there's plenty more fish in the sea...

I love people who get violent for no reason. There's nothing better than seeing them get their a#ses kicked on "COPS".

(Thursday) Grinding the wood together and looking forward to the fire.

(Wednesday) Off to see the Lizard, the wonderful Lizard of Oz. There he is, hiding behind a curtain. Controlling everything. It's a plot.

"Click, ting, stamps".

(Monday) I just can't believe how far behind I am with this f#cking thing. And, oddly enough it's sent my hit rate through the roof???

(Sunday) Salmon, Herring, Coy Carp, Kippers, Cod ... I mean I could go on... there's plenty more fish in the sea...

(Saturday) Needing the approval of idiots