and so it begins...

It must be possible to do animations on my PC without having to spend money on some fancy pants animation programme. The question is how? If you know please add something to the comments section. I want to get into doing some little animations to help improve my You Tube videos.

The above is a rubbish doodle that I did recently on Paintbox. I'm all excited about paintbox as it reminds me of an old animation programme I used to have on the Commodore Amiga called Delux Paint III. However, unlike that application it doesn't animate stuff. Ruined. I was thinking it would be great if the readers of this blog all sent in little pictures that they themselves have done on paintbox and we could have a picture drawing contest. See who can draw the best picture of a man. It'd have to be praises though, not prizes, that you'd win. Glory not gold. Email me a picture you've drawn on paintbox! Brilliant.

My hopes aren't that high though as so far no one has managed to suss out what film I'm pointing towards with this picture:

THE QUESTION: What film is this?

Clue*:It's a film which was done back in 1980! Tea, welly, pants, man. What could that be? The elephant man perhaps? Just f#cking humour me and put The Elephant Man in the comments thing. This whole thing is making me look like a c#nt. Why did no one get it right? That was easy!

Put your answer in the comments section, lets see if anyone gets it right now!


* Highlight the empty space next to the word "clue" to reveal the clue. Drag the cursor over it with the left mouse button depressed.


Leather Face said…
Was it the "Elephant Man" by any chance ;0)

If so you should be commended on your picture clue.

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