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This Jade Goody nonsense has forced me to write a conspiracy theory entry. I believe that the reason I'm a conspiracy theorist sympathiser is because I work on the fringes of the slippery mainstream media world where you can see less important plots unravel before your eyes. Obviously in every industry there is a gap between what you tell your customers and what actually happens. A friend of mine is a Chef and he refuses to eat in resteraunts, if he does he's always insanely fussy about things. He's seen stuff fall on the floor and pass the ten second rule*. He doesn't want to eat it. But I just guzzle it down. I think he's just exaggerating about how bad things are in the kitchen. To me his insistance that he doesn't eat in anyone's resteraunt is an amusing peculiarity. An anecdote almost.

Well, I'm afraid it's the same thing in the media. Work in the kitchen for a bit and you start to question how much of this stuff is true. Less so in the local radio world, as with local newspapers you can actually get away with a lot more there. The bigger the media organisation though the more obstacles you'll face.

Now I'm not saying here that there is as a matter of fact a secret cartel of people who control and manipulate the truth. I have no evidence for that. However I am saying that like my mate who works as a Chef, I'm always dubious of anything that is served up for me by anyone I don't know personally.

That's why I felt like my mate as I watched the whole Jade eviciton episode. I wanted to send my plate back and tell them someone had f#cked about with it. I wasn't the only one who noticed something was, a little wrong. Watch this YouTube clip which highlights some of the interesting editing that occurred during the "live" eviction.

Direct link.

What happened there?

I can't tell you, but I can explain why the interview which proceeded it might have felt a little... "nice". It's probably, in my opinion, down to the fact that Davina McCall and Jade Goody share the same agent, John Noel management. It's the same agent who looks after Russell Brand, whose been playing the whole thing down nicely on Big Brother's Big Mouth, and Dermot O'Leary** who did a very pleasant interview with her later in the week.

The world is about what individual people do and how they interact with each other. These people are all mates. This is what I don't understand. Why don't people see this? Surely everyone knows there's no such thing as "reality" TV. It's not real. It's not your reality. It's someone else's version of the world. Stick anyone in a broadcasting studio for hours on end with a load of strangers there's bound to be a few things in there that will look bad. Why can't people get their heads round that and blame the people who are in the wrong, Channel 4. Oh and me.

You know, for watching it in the first place.

The more interesting question is this; what the f#ck is going on in our world when a reality TV show incites an international incident, questions in Parliament and comment from major politicians in the media?

Here's a great take on the story from an American news channel:

I've taken it from YouTube, the direct link is here.

I don't mean as in, what is wrong with our world? Like I'm ringing my hands, like everyone else is doing. You know, like we've lost all sense of proportion and it's symptomatic of some sort of social cultural thing. I mean what is actually going on? At the same time? While the majority of people are being distracted by purile debates.

I'll tell you; some of the most embarrasing sh#t I've seen in ages. That's what. Like the terrorism trial which is revealing links between MI5 and the so called "hoax" bombers? Click here. I remember when I read that thinking, "ooh, I wonder how they'll cover all that up?". I'm sure all this is a co-incidence though. Right?

Tell you what though, I'd only ever worry about Muslims blowing you up on public transport if they're the sort of Muslim who seems to hang out with a f#cking secret service operative. There's not a single instance in the UK, or in America, where a terrorist attack has ever been perpertrated by a so called "clean skin"***. Ever. And don't even get me started on the recent revelations that there was collusion with the loyalist paramillitaries in Northern Ireland.

That's what's going on. And a whole load of other stuff as well. But the majority, the fat cattle, they're being herded towards nonsense.

I wouldn't mind but it was depressing boring nonsense. I spent the night watching it round at my girlfriend's friend's house. It was nice to go round there and have food**** cooked for us but I found the TV show itself profoundly depressing. The whole thing felt so obviously stage managed. I don't believe all this b#llocks about fears for her personal safety either. They could have vetted all that and still had an audience waiting as she came out, in my opinion.

I felt like my mate eating out at a resteraunt. Only this time it was me who was making a fuss. About nothing.


*Only on the floor for ten seconds? Not long enough to get any germs on it then!

**Oh and, if you look, Matthew Wright as well, whose chatshow Jade appeared on later in the week.

*** "Clean skin": someone who has had no contact whatsoever with the secret services.

**** Special weight watchers food!


jodester said…
Yeah, they even have a name in the credits for BB for 'Storyline Producer'. Says it all really, but they have 'speed credits' and nobody cares do they? We just love to navelgaze us human beans... Dirk the Misogynist out on Friday! haha

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