Here with me. Just get here with me.

I was listening to the song "Everytime" by Britney Spears and as usual the lyrics in it grated on me;

"My weakness caused you pain

And that sucks massively."

What a horrible lyric! How the f#ck could you put something like that down without feeling like an utter twonk? You'd have to be some sort of f#ckwitted fool. Hang on a minute, did Britney co-write this one? Oh dear, yes she did. It amused me so much I loaded up the full lyrics to the tune and it turned out that I'd misheard it.

The official lines are;

"My weakness caused you pain and this song is my sorry."

I don't know whether to be dissapointed or annoyed. I actually feel as though I'm being lied to but simply can't prove it.

Have a listen yourself:

Direct link.

Am I just mishearing it or do you think they recorded one version and then printed another to save face?



Neil said…
I hear, "My weakness caused you pain and that sucks my sorry."
Nicholarse said…
Sucks my sorry. Now that's quite profound!

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