Hope it all works out then (Monday)

My mate Jon sent me this picture. I'm guessing it's not his actual dog as he's never mentioned owning one in the past, he must however have seen this picture in his travels and thought of the Monday Dog. Excellent. The whole feature is slowly getting a life of its own. Dogs are brilliant in any context. I'm jealous of my workmate Big John Harrison, he has recently gotten himself a dog. I'll have to ask him to send me the picture so I can display it proudly on the Monday Dog. This blog's most famous feature.

Talking of which I'm very dissapointed that no one has even attempted my amazing quiz question which I did a few days back. It took me ages to get all the pictures together and it looks like the few hundred or so people who have read that entry have rolled their eyes and gone, "f#ck that, who does he think I am?".

I'm sure that's not the case. I'm sure people have read it and tried really hard to answer it but it was just too hard. Although it's not. Ruined.

Now I'm stuck with a dilemma. Do I:

A) re-post the quiz question?
B) pretend the idea of a quiz question never happened?
C) backlink to the quiz question?

I've no idea what the answer to that dilemma is. No idea at all.

Here's the backlink to it. Someone please try and answer it!

No shame in getting it wrong.

Arrgh. I liked the idea of putting quiz questions on my blog!



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