I love people who get violent for no reason. There's nothing better than seeing them get their a#ses kicked on "COPS".

Ages ago we had a little known comedian on the Hallam FM talkshow who we knew was all set to be "the next big thing". His name was Alan Carr. We lined him up to do an interview on the show and put him on as a 'caller'. Unfortunately as I was "in character" at the time the whole thing went a bit badly and ended up with me arguing with him and then cutting him off. Although my producer at the time rang up and tried to make amends I don't think I really made a new friend that night so I'd get in and publicly congratulate him on his win recently of a South Yorkshire "Grinnie".

The new annual award was given to him after his appearance in last year's Grin Up North – The Sheffield Comedy Festival. It was decided on by a group of audience members who saw every show, and then voted on their favourite. “To win any award is great”, said Alan, “but the fact that this was voted on by members of the public makes it extra special. I’m over the moon!” The award was presented by festival programmer Toby Foster, who said that he was delighted that Alan had won. “The festival was fantastic, with some great shows, and the decision was very close, but I’m dead chuffed for Alan. I was at the gig, and he was wonderful.”

Here's a picture of him getting his award at the ceremony:

I think if I was to ever meet him face to face and the subject of the interview I did with him came up I'd probably lie to him and say he'd got me mixed up with that other Nick Margerrison bloke.



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