I mean I could go on...

I think I'm going to punch something in a minute!

I'm currently enduring that most peculiar of human problems; I've bitten my bottom lip. I've done so in no less than two eye watering places as well. Everytime I try and chew something I manage to munch deep into the skin again, making it even more likely that I'll be biting it even more in the future. It's a spiral of increasing pain.

It's possibly one of the most annoying experiences in the world. The problem is, it's such a pathetic thing to get annoyed by. No matter what, when you get aggrevated by it, you feel like you're making a big fuss over nothing. Even if a squirt of blood pumped from my mouth as it happened people would still think I was making a bit of a song and dance.

Actually I've no right to speak on everyone else's behalf here. I'm only able to speak for myself. Therefore what I actually mean is; I would think I was making a song and dance. I think that's possibly worse. Your own mind is sat there inside your skull with its arms folded, wearing an indignant and unimpressed look as it says; "here he goes, making a big bloody fuss again, chew more carefully next time, p#be brain!".

It f#cking hurts though.



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