(Monday) Kick that ball like a good longpig.

Hi Nick

I got this interesting picture of my dogs which I took at night time.
The flash certainly had an amazing effect on their eyes. I've also
attached a picture of how they look in daylight, so you can take your

from Wayne

Loving it. They look like scary dogs! I'm sure they're not but I'd probably sh#t myself if I was dealing with them first hand.

I like it how Wayne has given me and either/or situation with the dog pictures. It's got to be both surely? Also, look at that first picture, one dog has green flashing eyes and the other has red! Sh#t man, those are scary pictures!

Actually, as I write this I've realised that I haven't replied to a sh#tload of emails. That's a bad habit I'm in. I'll read it, then leave it up on my screen and think, "yeah, I'll reply to that in a minute," then forget about it completely. Apparently according to my boss it's because I'm a kinesthetic thinker, one of the traits of which is that I take a while to think things through and work out how I feel about them. This entry from two years ago tells you that.

I'm wary of pop psychology but this idea of a kinesthetic thinker ties in with something called Neuro Linguistic Programming which is a subject I started researching more than a year ago. The idea is that there are supposed to be three different preffered thought methods; visual, audio and kinesthetic. The latter are the less common with visual being the most common and audio somewhere inbetween. Kinesthetic thinkers are actually the ones which are least well understood, due to them being the least common. Originally I'd decided that I was probably a 'visual thinker'. There is a suggestion that you can tell what mode of thinking someone has if you listen out for phrases like "I see what you mean" or "I've heard otherwise" or "I've not got a very good feel for this". The first would be visual, second audio and third kinesthetic. I'm quite often talking about how I see things so I'd decided I was visual.

Although I'm not entirely drawn in by NLP but it is something that I suggest you look into, simply because so many people treat it as gospel. It's a way of improving communication more than anything else but Derren Brown claims to use it in his magic act as a way of controlling people's responses and decisions.

Anyway, I'm back in one piece from London I've been transcribing the Pat Mills interview I did on Saturday and marvelling at how good it is. He's a pretty good ranter, if you can get him going. His words have a way of slowly escalating on a subject which I've never seen in any previous interviews I'm aware of that were done with him. Generally most of the interviews with him that I've found are quite terse, one word answers. This one should be nice and human.



Leather Face said…
Great looking Dogs ;0)
Nicholarse said…
No doubt about that!

What sort are they?

Leather Face said…
They are Siberian Huskies. Really friendly dogs with a great temperament and always playfull and mischievous.

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