Oh yeah lady baby. Keep looking at me. (Sunday)

Trundling back on the train wrestling with the concept of writing a few jokes I hear the sound of a ticket inspector negotiating with a particularly nasty voice. Hearing only snatches of dialogue without a chance to get an eyeball on what's happening due to the positioning of my seat is a pretty nasty experience. I can hear a really evil drawl going:

"You f#cking c#nt, you've sold me a f#cking ticket to Nottingham and I wanted to go to Sheffield".

While another voice replied:

"Who are you talking to now mate?"

"You, you little c#nt. I'll f#cking have you".

"I'd advise you on thinking of a way to get yourself home if I was you mate".

I sort of realised I was actually listening to three people talking, one of them was being nasty and abusive and the other two were trying to reason with him, sort of. It was really frustrating not to know what exactly was going on.

I never heard a struggle but we did pull up at a station and it seemed to calm down a bit. I couldn't see anyone getting off at the station though.

Later on I heard the ticket inspector say; "yeah there's a transport police officer on every train nowadays mate".

It was an odd fraction of an incident which made all the more of an impression as a consequence of being so incomplete.

At the time I remember thinking that people like the abusive bloke in question should be tasered and treated like the animals they are. Then as the train continued I recalled the following post and pulled into Sheffield station in a really foul mood. The older I get the more I realise I simply do not have the answers to the world's political problems. I'm also becoming more and more suspicious of anyone who claims that they do.



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