Pulling away the skin on my fingers... not a good idea.

There's a bloke coming up the hill towards me and my mate, he looks like he fancies himself as a bit of a tough guy. He's got all the tough guy gear on. He takes a glance up at us as he walks past us and as casually as he can manage; spits on the floor. Just like that. He's proving what a tough guy he is. I stifled my natural reaction to smirk and wondered why some people do this. It's almost like they can't help it. It's part of the macho image. Tough dudes spit on the floor.

I've always found it disgusting when people spit on the floor. It's dirty. It proves nothing to me other than that you're a dirty little animal. Either that or it suggests you're ill and need to clear your snot filled mouth. You've no choice in the matter. But that suggests weakness and this bloke was trying to be tough.

This is what I've never understood about the gesture. It's such an odd thing to do to prove your tough guy credentials. In my book spitting on the floor to show how hard you are is like deciding to start farting infront of strangers as an act of bravado. People would just laugh at you. Ironic then that it'd be a more hygenic act of agression. Also, it'd make more sense given that it's your 'scent'.

I was in the communal showers in the gym I go to and I noticed on the floor the remnants of someone's spit at the entrance to the cubicle. Why? Why? Why?

I've a good mind to start telling people off about it. Fortunately though I don't have to, I can instead vent on this blog and save getting my head needlessly kicked in by idiots who are on the tough guy trip.



Leather Face said…
It's worth a read of Allan Watts "The Wisdom of Insecurity," it made me laugh out loud how he refers to these kind of people as already "commiting suicide" with their lives.

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