(Saturday) Needing the approval of idiots

Why is there no price for 3 hours parking? Surely that would be the ideal length of time to go round town? I don't understand why they don't tell you how much that would cost. Well actually I think I do understand, and maybe that's the problem*. I pay £6.50? To sit my car in a patch of land? It's everything that's f#cking wrong with the world that people don't see this as a total outrage. I agree with paying for the upkeep of the building but that's not going to cost £6.50 per car. The reason the price is so high is because it's a f#cking great big piece of p#ss scam, charging people to park their cars. Whoever thought of that is a grade "A" c#nt and they will be surrounded by equally loathsome characters, all of whom are keen to claim patronage of the idea.

Notice on the picture it says that VAT is included as well. What the flying b#llock does our Government need to get involved in the game for? How does that one work? VAT - the worst possible form of tax, hitting the poor hardest of all. Why should parking have Value Added Tax? Surely it's a good thing if the cars are parked? Not using all those fumes. What do they want people to do? Drive round and look for somewhere they can afford to park? Ruin the planet even more? Thanks to Tony Bloodthirsty Blair and his mate David Camoron**?

Landownership is the sickness which causes all of our societies social ills. The rich of this world are not the bean counters who have the most shiny baubles but the ones who own huge f#cking vast tracts of land. They let the little lightshow prattle about and watch economies rise and fall, all the while holding onto the one thing which makes them better than you. Land. Lots of land. You're a piece of sh#t on their shoe, you always have been and always will be. If they don't like you they scrape you off with extortionate rents and/or rising mortgages. Then they pull the chain and laugh as you realise that you can't play a fair game of Monopoly with some c#nt who owns the whole board, and the rule book and the house you're in playing it.

Man, I need to get onto the property ladder.


* I always get myself into a f#cking pickle when I think I understand stuff. I prefer sort of knowing but not being entirely sure. Leaving an area of doubt. You never want to totally know the answer to a question becasue then you stop thinking about it. Stopping thinking isn't good.

** Yeah baby. Political satire bites the bottom of our future leader like a hungry hellhound ascending from the chuckling comedy club of Hades! Cam - MORON! Suck on that buddy boy.


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