(Saturday) Screaming out / like a cat caught / by a fox / in a dark car park / at night. Bleed me dry. Sweet honey pie.

I listened to the Take That album this morning and what I heard of it I really enjoyed. It still annoys me that Gary can't sing the word "lost" on the song Patience without it sounding like he's adding a "w". What does "lowst" mean? Silly. I should perhaps illustrate that point with a cheeky video like the Britney one I did* a bit ago. Maybe not. You just need to switch the radio on and I'm sure "Patience" will come on if you just wait long enough. You'll need to be wait for it but I'm sure if you try a little patience**.

Today I went to a bloke's 40th birthday party. He was a nice guy from Australia who had an unnatural interest in Doctor Who. We bonded over his kid's toys. I was totally amazed at how great they were. He had a huge selection of great Doctor Who toys. They were really quality toys as well. I was jealous. Particularly as over New Year someone who stayed over at my house broke my Dalek's eye piece. And then didn't confess to it! I've got my suspicions as to who it was but without a confession I've just got a broken Dalek. And no apology. Most annoying.

Serves me right for Skelletor.

This kid though, he had a classic Dalek, jet black and superbly rendered. He also had a Cyberman mask which altered your voice. It didn't fit my massive head though. I've always had an abnormally large head and over the years I've got used to it. Everyone else though, has to go through the whole polite;

"It'll fit, come on, here, let me try. Oops. Sorry about that. Errm. You really do have an abnormally large head. How odd".

I've learned a trick with party hats though after a mate of mine suggested anyone who doesn't wear them is automatically suspicious.

So, in summary I was amazed by how genuinely his kid loved Dr Who and furthermore his knowledge of classic Dr Who was. He loved "Genesis of The Daleks", one of the best Dr Who stories ever made, and he even liked Tomb Of The Cybermen, an old black and white story which was lost until 1992! Perhaps not all kids are going to be a total waste of space after all. Liking Dr Who is a sign of good character. Just like an appreciation of Winnie The Pooh***.


*Which, if you look at the comments section, is on the verge of going viral. Someone has already ripped it off and put it on the myspace profile. Cool! I like the idea of one of my friends sending it me as an email forward. Unlikely as I don't have many friends and I have even less who send email forwards but you never know. My evil genius will conquer the world! For a bit.

** Sorry. I think we've just sussed why I have so few friends.

*** Not the Disney one. In fact I think genuine love of Disney characters in a child is a bad sign. I'm going to be annoyed if my kid ever tells me sincerely that they really like Mickey Mouse. It'd be like in the olden days if your child were gay, you'd get all unreasonably annoyed about it. Same deal. Disney baad. Dr Who, gooood.


Lloydd said…
I think the way Gary Barlow sings the word patience is annoying. It sounds like "pay-shaun-ts". I mimic it when I hear it. My girlfriend hits me if she hears me. She loves Gary and bought his autobiography.

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