Some cloud cover daily (Tuesday)

My mate Lloyd came over to visit me today. It was great to see him. We chatted about various nonsense. I like to think that a friendship is something you can pick up and carry on with where you left off the last time and Lloyd certainly fits that particular mold. We were soon bumbling away to each other as usual.

It's odd that this blog maintains a nice link between me and my mates. Just as theirs is something I can easily check on if I want to see how they are. Here's a link to his account of his visit on his blog.

We spoke about how dissapointing it is when people don't update thier blogs. Particularly when they start off well. My mate Tom Binns has started doing a blog on the BRMB website. It's a three word blog. Great idea*.

Then we wandered around Sheffield after trying to drive in my car to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and realising that the steering on it is f#cked and not suitable for the motorway. Ruined. As we went on the road out towards Outibridge the car was shaking like a tractor. I was totally sh#tting my pants but Lloyd seemed perfectly at ease. I'm a really nervous driver/passenger and frankly I thought we were going to die.

Once we were back on the normal 30mph roads we were fine. MOT next week. Not going to make it through that without a bit of a fight.


*He's not replying to my emails at the moment though. Annoying. Perhaps he's the same as me in that he reads them and then thinks, "yeah I'll reply to that in a minute," and then doesn't. Or perhaps he just thinks I'm a c#nt.


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