(Sunday) Salmon, Herring, Coy Carp, Kippers, Cod ... I mean I could go on... there's plenty more fish in the sea...

I did my last show of the year today and it was a bit of a stinker. Sunday morning and I was really rusty. No actual mistakes but no sparkle to it either. Shame as I was looking forward to doing the show. I really enjoy work at the moment. The whole thing feels like it's moved into a different league recently. This time last year I was really f#cking misearble about the whole thing,- make of that what you will.

My DVD drive on my computer is being a c#nt. I'm starting to become a little less impressed by the standard of the BT Home IT adviser I'm subscribed to*. They seem largely to presume that you're a total f#cknut when you ring them, then their estimation of your intelligence seems to trickle down from there. Such a shame because the initial standard of service I got from them was fantastic. I was even telling other people they should sign up to it. I got an error message which intrigued me, "your DMA settings are wrong," or something. I'll ring the BT people again later in the week and see if I can't sort it out.

I'm a little bit irked that only forty people have looked at my brilliant new YouTube video compared to the sixty people who looked at the rubbish old one. That doesn't seem fair does it? "No Nick, it doesn't," you reply with your brain. "I'll go and look at it right now and tell everyone I know how f#cking amazing it is," you continue with your imagination. "Excellent," say I as I post up the Direct Link. It's an old sketch I was sort of writing to be performed with a mate but I never quite got it into shape. Fire to Ice!

So, the year rolls to an end. We're throwing a party at Daryl Denham's house tonight. I'm quite excited about it as a mate of mine is coming up as well, I'm to be best man at his wedding later next year. I'm looking forward to polishing off the speech I gave at my mate Stuart Collings's wedding. It got laughs and everything. And it wasn't rude. Excellent.


*All my blog entries have obscure and deliberately irrelevant titles. The one I've linked to here is called "The Enigma Of The Weeping Taxi Driver". They're more for my own amusement than anything else but this particular one is interesting. It's a reference to the fact that some time around that week I got in a black cab where the driver was softly crying as he drove me to my destination. I could see the tears in his eyes through the rear view mirror. Strange eh?


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