(Thursday) He's not lost it.

I made a massive mistake last night. I took a load of drugs and my mind was f#cked for most of the rest of the day.

In a desperate attempt to reign in my f#cked sleeping times I decided to take some Nytol. It totally screwed me up though. I fell asleep on time but in the morning I couldn't wake up on time at all. Furthermore I felt totally f#cked once I did wake up. My mind was full of cobwebs. Not a good thing when you've got another snoop with the boss. His coaching sessions are first class, easily some of the best I've ever had in radio. He really knows his stuff.

Afterwards I nailed some moves at the gym, bought myself a water bottle and tried to wake the f#ck up.

Tonight is the first night of my weekend so I spent it like I usually do; b#ggering about with Windows Movie Maker.

Here are the results:

Direct link.

I was cutting up some old phone in show audio, it's the bit where I storm out. I've given different celebrities the roles of me, the caller and producer Steve. I'm represented by Nick Nolte, Eddie the caller is represented by wrestling legend, Eddie Guerrero, and Steve is represented by Steve Zodiac, from Fireball XL5.

Listening back to it I'm impressed by how well Eddie holds his own against my argument. He did well as a caller. That was what made the show, it's great callers. They'd have a big barney with you one night and be back on the line the next day. Legends, all of them.



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