Trout... salmon... cod... coy carp... herring...

It's a beauty! This is a picture of Stan. My girlfriend bumped into him around Manchester Market. He's a pretty inquisitive chap from the looks of things. What a great picture. Monday's Dog is without doubt one of the best features I've introduced to this site. Don't forget you can email me your dog pictures to my current work address:

It still pains me to see how far behind I am with this blog! I'm still trying to catch up after all the excitement of Xmas. I'm behind with loads of little chores at the moment. Niggly blo#dy tasks like filling in Tax forms and stuff like that.

On the positive side though I'm really enjoying the snoop sessions* I'm having with my new boss, Simon Monk, at the moment. He's a clever guy and his ideas on how to do a radio show are really pulling my head inside out. I think it's improving my work a great deal, time will tell.


*Radio slang "Snoop: You sit down with the boss once a week and he goes over what you're doing on air as well as giving you a helping hand here and there".


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