Znap out. Totally, znap out.

So I've decided to do a quiz on the blog. Mainly because I like writing quiz questions like this one which I've done at the bottom of this entry. It's a bit like a quiz they do in the Observer or the Independent or something. It's based on my game of radio charades I occasionally do on the late show on Hallam.

Also it's a good way of filling up these blog entries because I'm behind and I want to catch up with myself in real time. So to speak. It's getting tricky to write about what happened a week ago.

When I say it's a good way of filling it up I don't mean that this entry is rushed. Ironicly it's taken me longer than a normal "here's what I did today..." blog entry. So don't feel shortchanged, I've written a really great observational entry which appears right after this one. This is just something a bit different.

THE QUESTION: What film is this?

Clue*:It's a film which was done back in 1980!

Put your answer in the comments section, lets see if anyone gets it right.

*If you need the clue, firstly I'd like to point out that you're a pussy and then I'll just explain that if you just drag your cursor over the empty area next to the clue prompt it should highlight the text which lies next to it.


Carol Vorderman said…
Is the film called "Tea Boots Jeans Man"?
Nicholarse said…
That's not a film Carol!

Use the clue. I did a clue. Isn't it clever how I did a clue for people. This quiz is great fun isn't it everyone? For everyone.

I did a good thing didn't I? I DID A GOOD THING MUMMY!

Leather Face said…
I'm well into films but I'm stumped. Is the clue "Mos..."? If so I'll say "Mosquito Coast" although I can't see any significance with the picture???

Also can we have another clue, sort of what sort of film it is, or what era was it made?

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