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Happy Slip (Wednesday)

(Tuesday) Automaton

Preparing for the burst possible situations.

Likk the reflex

Pun and Jud (Saturday)

(Friday) Bloddy wobby

Went to the gym.

Smooth flow

(Tuesday) for a hamburger today.

(Monday) adness

(Sunday) Wacky funster in a fun

(Saturday) Pow wow, not logic

(Friday) Sh-naff-too!

(Thursday) They only meen fear.

Cross your finger for my Philip. I love my Mrs Baby.

(Tuesday) The Star Niche problem arises once again. Why do they keep on at that? I'm not going to change my opinion on it. 2 + 2 will always be 4.

Scrub up the truth baby

(Sunday) Badass trucker from the moolan rouge

(Saturday) Kish and kiff

Under the nails and over the sky.

Frail fraid world. (Thursday)

The big meeting

Smoke it straight.

(Monday) Blow the cobwebs from your mind

(Sunday) Nice to have a break from that wacky world.

Post traumatic shock. (Saturday)

Make it stop.

F#cking, f#cking, f#cking, f#cking hell. I can't believe this week.

F#cking, f#cking, f#cking hell. Bad things come in threes, right?

F#cking, f#cking hell!

F#cking hell.