The big meeting

I could have died last week. My car is f#cked, really seriously f#cked. Not at all roadworthy. That's why today I went to Pizza Hut and ate loads of Pizza today. Naughty! But I can't get to Weight Watchers tonight because I haven't got a car, it failed it's MOT and now I need to wait until I get my new one.

In order to be able to afford a car I went in and got a loan out before I went to Pizza Hut. I borrowed money off a woman whose turn of phrase reminded me slightly of the under rated comedy character Shirley Ghostman. It annoyed me slightly to go through all the usual b#llocks about "do you want a new account, pension scheme, insurance, etc, etc, etc". It annoyed me even more when I worked out how much the loan was going to cost me; £1000. Still, it's the only way I can afford a new car.

Then came the ultimate irony. As I walked back up the hill to my house I realised I did actually regret eating at Pizza Hut. The food weighed heavy on my stomach and I felt fat. Ruined. I don't usually regret such indulgences. How annoying.

Here's another video I made ... I really want this one to be seen by loads of people because it's got a fantastic "special effect" in it*!

Direct link.


*The bit where he shrinks.


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