F#cking, f#cking, f#cking, f#cking hell. I can't believe this week.

Today I was told that my radio show had put on 1000's of new listeners in the RAJAR survey they carry out every quarter. That's a good thing. The music show I currently do will never get the same sort of profile that the talkshow used to get but it's a good show and I like to think it's one of the better commercial radio shows out there. It's also how I earn my living so it's nice to know people are tuning in, more than they do for my compettitors.

My mate James came over in the evening and we went out for a Chinese. This time I didn't try and match his intake; I'd learned my lesson from the last time. However, I did break my diet and that's not good so early on in the week. Yesterday I got weighed and they said I'd lost 1.5lbs but I was wearing my thin trousers. That's not good. I always loose in my thin trousers. The gym scales today told a different story. "You've put it on, you fatty," that's what they rudely announced to my eyes.

I just need to get through this week without going mad and then on weds next go uber hardcore on the diet front.

I'm not sure I can reasonably justify the above sentence. If you analyse it yourself you'll notice it's utter nonsense.



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