F#cking, f#cking hell!

Here is today's Monday dog*:

It's Louis The Labradoodle! He was a very friendly young dog that me and my girlfriend met as we were wandering round South Manchester. these pictures run in sequence as the owner of the dog tried to get Louis to pose for me. It's an odd thing asking dog owners to allow me to take their dog's picture but I love that most of them not only conset but totally understand. They don't question my motives, they know dogs are ace. All dog owners know dogs are ace.

Louis has seen something interesting and is off. Maybe he's seen a cat or something. More likely he's seen some food.

Louis has been reposed and as you can see, he's not happy about it. The first picture was fine anyway but I didn't realise I'd taken it at the time so I messed Louis and his owner about for no reason, in the street on a busy Saturday. Ruined.


*Late again, not because of a lack of dog pictures but due to the fact that I'm a disorganised fool who isn't really using his time properly at the moment. I've been sorting out real life stuff rather than getting on with this blog. I am a fool.


Stuey J said…
why don't you love me anymore?
Nicholarse said…
I do! I'm also very excited that you've started blogging again! Something I've only just noticed. Excellent!

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