Frail fraid world. (Thursday)

Last time I walked in to work I managed to annoy myself by seeing one of those adverts with the two blokes off Peep Show. You had the 'geeky square' one holding a sign saying "I'm a PC" and the irresponsible but cool one holding the "I'm a Mac" sign. The advert doesn't make any sense. If you get a computer do you want one that's geeky, a bit square and as a consequence very reliable or do you want one that's likely to be found snorting coke off the bathroom floor after a failed mushroom sex party?

The whole debate, PC vs Mac, stinks of the old, Amiga vs Atari ST, debate which was also b#llcoks because Amiga's were clearly better. Unless you owned an Atari ST in which case you thought they were better*. I think what annoys me about Apple Macs is that they're too cool for their own good. They look cool but aren't compatible with loads of things. And blogger lacks a load of features on the Mac as well. And you can't get Cool Edit Pro on it.

You can imagine the meeting where they will have decided which character should be a PC and which should be a Mac:

"Right, so, these guys are in Peep Show. Very hot at the moment, Ricky Gervais likes it so it's uber hot guys, uber f#cking hot".

"Okay, so which one should be the Mac and which one should be the PC".

"Jesus, what a stupid question. One of them is a geek, one of them is cool. what are we if we're not cool?"

Sends a shiver down my spine.

The point I'm trying to make though is that if a large part of your argument is that Apple Macs are "cool" you've lost my attention from the start. Also, what the f#ck's the deal with two of the most exciting comedians in the UK doing an advert? That used to be seen as selling out. Am I just an old codger from the 1980's? I think I am.

Don't get me wrong though, not all adverts are rubbish. If you want a good advert here's one, it's for Cheese. It's a live stream which allows you to watch Cheese maturing. It's very exciting around 10am in the morning when they turn the cheese over. If you're reading this at 10am click now, if not, maybe still 'click' but not with the same sense of urgency.

I'm going to walk in to work again today; no car and it's good exercise. Also it's dark so I'll not be able to see any rubbish adverts. But I might get mugged. Ruined.


*Even though you were wrong, and you f#cking knew it as well, you sl#gs. You used to just say you thought the ST was better to annoy people like me.


Leather Face said…
My thoughts exactly when I first saw the intrusive advert online somewere.

Weren't Atari ST's actually technically better than Amiga's?

PS. My computers began with a Spectrum 48K, Commodore 64K, Amiga, PC, PC Laptop.
And you know what? I never moved from Commodore 64 to Amiga and I never felt I missed anything. A friend had Amiga and he was all proud about all the colors and stuff, but in the end it was just an expensive but colorful Commodore.

And it is selling out. Not on the level of Bob Dylan selling bras, but still selling out.

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