(Friday) Bloddy wobby

I went to see the fantastic Hot Fuzz starring Simon Pegg. It was amazing. Truely amazing. I expected it to be a good film but I didn't expect it to be quite as good as it is. Within an hour after viewing it me and my mate were debating if it was better than "Shaun Of The Dead". As little as two hours later we were quoting it in the sort of annoying fashion which we really should have grown out of by now. And the next day we were all debating when we were going to see it agian.

It'll annoy me if you don't go and see it, so do. Go and see it.

Currently I'm starting to get nervous about my forthcoming performance at The Frog And Bucket. It's a gong show and there's every possibility that I'll be a f#cking pile of dogsh#te again but this time I'm strangely confident that I'll do okay. This is, I think, a bad sign because every time I'm confident it goes really badly whereas everytime I'm not, it goes slightly less badly.

My plan is to post it up here, regardless of how well it goes*. This means you will be treated to some awful camera phone footage of me looking nervous and making a tw#t of myself with jerky pictures and terrible sound. And odd jokes. I mean, really quite surreal jokes. The Gandhi thing at the bottom of this weblog really was some of my stand up set until recently. You'll notice it has no jokes in it whatsoever. Here's a genuine quote from my mate Toby Foster who watched my first ever gig, "put some f#cking gags in next time". I'm honestly trying to follow that advice. You'll actually see the results next week.


* Right, I'm committed now. No matter what this has got to be a well rehearsed gig. No matter what. Screw this blog, I'm off to practice.


Lloydd said…
Read the ultimate review of Hot Fuzz here...
Nicholarse said…
Lloydd said…
Sorry. Click on my name on my first comment. It's linked.

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