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Likk the reflex

Getting really nervous about my forthcoming open spot at The Frog and Bucket. I'm going to send a little email to them just to check they've not forgotten about me. I'm going to try and re-programme myself as well. I'm going to treat my nerves as a positive thing. They're a sign I'm taking it seriously. It's very important to take comedy seriously. Oh dear.

I remember once going into a radio station, Kestrel FM I think it was. Anyway I had the following brain mashing conversation with a woman there:

Me: "I love radio though becuase at the end of the day it's just a bit of a laugh isn't it?"
Her:"Yes, it's a laugh. But it's a very serious laugh."

That still messes with my head. She really didn't appreciate the irony. To her a laugh was a totally different concept. It was a concept that had a gravitas and weight which I was totally unaware of. That tells a big story, to me, about the sort of person she was. It's a profound expression of her world. Quite a bleak expression of it I guess.

A serious laugh?



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