Make it stop.

Urrgh. I spent hours last night watching stupid You Tube videos. Firstly I found this great bit of nonsense from Rik Mayall:

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Then there's this beauty, Jo O'Mera from S Club 7 suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from what I can make out:

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Listen to what the poor girl is saying and remember The Stanford Prison Experiment which I posted up here some time ago. That experiment was deemed to be unethical by the U.S. Government! Those people who run Guantanamo, those f#ckers. Madness.

Here's the aftermath of an interview with Jade Goody, the main interview seems to keep getting deleted. Perhaps it's too harsh to watch?

Direct link.

The irony though is this. Jade Goody has been a bully for all her life. It's what made her famous. For some reason people had forgotten that. If I remember correctly there was some sort of violent threat made by her on her initial outing on Big Brother. Then there's stories like this about her bullying childhood. Ironic then that her tempers and bullying increased when she went on the show Back To Reality, which no one seems to have watched. Here's her picking on another easy target, Rick Waller:

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Then the aftermath where she giggles and enjoys the thrill she gets from kicking her victim about:

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How did she get rewarded for this behaviour? More money power and influence. Listen to f#ckwit Uri Geller "is this her usual character"? He can't believe it! Then, best of all, Rik Waller apologises! YouTube search for "Back to reality" if you want to see the incident that kicks it off, but trust me when I say she's in the wrong.

Embarrasing to watch really. The perfect way to waste your life.



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