(Monday) adness

Here is today's Monday Dog:

It was spotted by my flatmate Matt Mackay while he was out and about shopping in Chelsea. It's hard to tell if the dog is outside and Matt was inside or visa versa. If the dog was outside then what a great example of how brilliant dogs are, it was prepared to wait loyally outside in the cold. Brilliant. If not though and the dog was inside, surely that's another example of how brilliant dogs are. Look at him waiting inside, guarding the shopping centre. Brilliant.

If you're not yet conviced that dogs are brilliant why not try watching this video of a bulldog who likes skateboarding? How can that not be brilliant? How?

Direct link.



Lloydd said…
That's brilliant
Nicholarse said…
I agree!
Leather Face said…
Another reason why I still say I'd rather be dead than live in a world without dogs

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