(Monday) Blow the cobwebs from your mind

So, here's today's Monday Dog:And the letter which came with it:

Hey Nick
This is a picture of my dog Billy, a bedlington terrier. This is a picture of his good side, it being the only side that has an ear. Most people would find that position uncomfortable, but Billy regulary used to sleep with his a#se higher than his head, nowadays however he prefers to scrunch half his blanket up and use it as a pillow.

I also feel I should point out that Billy doesn't share your opinion that all dogs are ace, he attempts to attack any dog that comes anywhere near him regardless of their size, breed or his chances of surviving said encounter. He does however feel that his Uncle Bobby (a westie) is ace.


Wicked! I think Billy looks like a smashing dog. Shame he's missing an ear. I saw a dog once which was missing a leg. It wasn't bothered though. One thing I like about dogs is their lack of any real sense of shame.

Today I have been told that my old car is so f#cked it'd cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. As a consequence I'm off to the bank in a minute where I'm going to try and get a big fat loan. Then I'll buy a new car, the one my Dad tells me looks good.

Well done everybody.



Lloydd said…
Please bung up a picture of a Jack Russell on your blog. It needs to be smooth haired and black, white and tan. This will remind me of my deceased dog Susie.

P.S I'm at work watching Frank Sidebottom on youtube.com at 0452 in the morning.

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