Post traumatic shock. (Saturday)

I don't know particularly what different makes of car look like. For example, a BMW, or a Jaguar, or a Renault, most people can picture those cars if you just say the brand name. I however look off into the distance blankly without so much as a clue as to the cars they denote.
I'd be totally useless in a crime scene thing, where they ask what make of car it was that the robbers drove off in. My ignorance exposed I'd just have to shrug and say, "it was a sort of purple, blue sort of colour?".

I'm not a "proper fella" then. A "proper fella" not only knows all this sort of stuff but they're also able to convincingly lift up the front bonnett and look all serious while touching things a bit when the car breaks down on the motorway. I've worked out that's all they do. A "proper fella" usually has no more idea than me how a car actually works but they can often look like they're seriously investigating when they need to. The end result is always the same; call the AA. It's just that "proper fellas" then go on to stand next to the AA man and make funny noises as they explain what's gone wrong with the car.

In some instances I'm quite proud of my ignorance. A little bit like someone who pointedly doesn't watch Big Brother and then takes pleasure in not knowing "who the f#ck" someone who featured in it is when they pop up on celebrity squares. Unlike most of the rest of the viewing public I watched The Big Brother final and didn't even think of watching that little lad who was in a car crash on the other channel*.

I even forget what make of car I actually drive when people ask me. Although this is a symptom of my total lack of interest in the real world I like the fact it sort of shows that I don't use my car as a status symbol and hopefully I never will. I've always thought that was an awful game to get caught up in. Worrying about who has the coolest car. That, surely, is the sort of thing c##ts worry about?

Today though I was looking at cars with my Dad. Given that I've got no idea about them, none whatsoever, I can't tell you what sort of car we liked and decided to buy but it wasn't too expensive and I should have it by the end of the week. On Monday I'll know if my current motor has passed its MOT. Probably not. I'll have to repeat my previous act when I go in to collect it.


* Giant 12 year old; Richard Hammond.


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