Preparing for the burst possible situations.

Here's today's Monday Dog...

I'm not sure if this is cheating or not. It's Dog Top Trumps. My girlfriend got me it for Valentine's Day. The stats for the different dogs are ace. Obviously you've got average weight and height but then there's; "guard dog skill", "rarity" and finally, most genius of all, "loveability". We played it over candlelight in a resteraunt with a bottle of wine and some nice food. The game lasted for ages. I won in the end. Nick wins. Etc.

I've had quite an active and productive day today. I spent most of it practicing my stand up comedy. I'm thinking of posting up my material here, in advance of its performance. Then I'm realising that's a stupid idea and going back to practicing it. This cycle has continued for most of the day.

I was listening away to my routine on my MP3 player while in the gym. Then I was reciting it out loud as I wandered round Tescos. And singing it to myself as I drove home.

My email exchanges with the boss of the club got a bit worrying today:

-----Original Message-----
From: nick margerrison [mailto:**************]
Sent: 26 February 2007 15:44
To: ******************
Subject: Re: Beat The Frog Monday 4th December


Just checking you haven't forgotten about me next week. Open spot at The Frog And Bucket. Very excited about it.


To which she replied:

not forgotten. will confirm with you next week.
Oh dear. Last time we talked we were all set to go. Now I think theres a bit of a crossed wires situation going on. Probably nothing but it's a bit worrying. Also, it's not entirely clear if I've got the night off on Monday or not. I think I have but they've not replied to my double check email. I'll have to call and check tomorrow.

I think it's obvious I'm nervous about it.

That's good though.



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