Pun and Jud (Saturday)

After the phone call I got on Thursday* it's ironic that tonight I spent the night in a bar in Manchester sinking pints with the legendary talkshow host James Stannge. It was honestly by co-incidence that I just happened to bump into him, I've only met him a few times before and it wasn't planned. He just happened to be in the same bar I was and we got chatting.
He was on fine form though. Full of beans and as amusing as he ever was on air. It was like listening to one of his classic shows. We spoke mainly about radio but also covered all the other stuff in the world that you might want to chat about. I was excited to see that he was sporting a nice beard a little bit like mine and even more excited by the fact that when he talks to you he rants, just like he used to on air, pointing his fingerin a manic fashion.

They say you should never meet your heroes and I think that's true for some of them, yesterday Ricky Gervais was at Hallam FM and after debating it for a while I decided not to go in to work and meet him just because he'd only be a dissapointment. James Stannage however I already knew was the real deal. He's on 100% all the time. I think the local TV station Channel M are missing a trick by not getting him on to do some sort of debating show. He's an awesome orator and a big name in Manchester, why not use him?

Talking of Channel M* here's the fantastic test card footage which Frank Sidebottom provides. Very amusing.

I watched this crap for about an hour. Genius.


*I'll explain the contents of that call later, maybe in a month or so... The entry for that page is already written and ready to go it's just not going to be published until I know exactly whats what. Which currently I do not.

**Sorry, this is a very Manchester centric post. Wikipedia on Stannage here. Channel M is a local TV station, my mate works on it. Well, my girlfriend's mate, but I'd like to think we're friends as well.


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