(Saturday) Pow wow, not logic

Old friends and rubbish dieting habits.

A mate of mine who used to share a flat with us popped up this weekend. It was great to see him. We went to The Last Laugh Comedy Club at Ponds Forge and watched some comedians there after having a few cheeky beers in our local. Unfortunately I totally f#cked my diet in. Not good. It's so easy to make rubbish excuses to yourself like, "oh I've not seen Wootus for ages, I may as well have another pint, sod the diet, this is a special occasion".

We got back late and farted around a bit on an Arcade Emulator which I don't think they were quite as impressed with as I was. When we got back the girls logged onto a celebrity gossip site and discovered Britney Spears had shaved all her hair off. The video is on YouTube, in the unlikely event you've not seen it yet I've posted it at the bottom of this entry.

"I don't want anyone touching me, I'm tired of everyone touching me".

She's been quoted as saying some quite odd things when she went in to have her hair done. To most people it sounds like the ramblings of a fool but to someone who had just seen a comedian (who's name escapes me) babbling on about the New World Order it sounded oddly aposite to me.

The problem with conspiracy theory bullsh#t is once you've got involved in it, it's hard to escape seeing echoes of it all around you. Everything is a conspiracy to the people who propagate this stuff. EVERYTHING. Even pop music and popstars. The idea goes something like this; people like Madonna and Britney Spears are illuminati sex slaves who are granted their fame in exchange for various awful acts of obediance. Now obviously, that's bullsh#t. The thing is, after a few pints I was confused and unusually drawn in as I watched Britney looking dazed in a hair shop in America, committing an act of self mutilation. Her quotes sounded, to me, like someone who was a victim of something more than just the pressures of fame and fortune.

Unfortunetly having scoured the internet including www.davidicke.com I can find no loony tuney nutter to spout forth theories about how the shape changing lizards from the future have their claws in poor little Britney. I guess that leaves me with the sadder truth that people do just lose it and crack. Shame.

However, while I was looking through the net I did find a great picture of Helen Mirren's weird 'masonic style' tattoo that I noticed last week:

Now I ask you, what the f#ck is that about? I don't know if you can see the simmilarity between the two, perhaps I'm just being paranoid. That said, it struck me like a thunderbolt when I saw it in "Heat" magazine last week. They didn't mention the fact it's a masonic symbol in "Heat" though so perhaps I am being paranoid. Actually, I think I am. That's one of the side effects of reading into stupid conspiracy theories.

In interviews she claims she got it done when she was p#ssed one night. You know, for a big laugh. Brilliant.



Lloydd said…
I've shaved my balls so that they look like Britney's head. I also screamed "I don't want anybody touching me" when I did it. I was also in a public salon.

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