Scrub up the truth baby

So, I went to see Ricky Gervais tonight, fully expecting it to be totally f#cking shit, like the picture above. We were sat on the front row and as a consequence had a great view. Close enough to spit on him, if we'd wanted to. Not that we did, he was brilliant! One of the best stand-up sets I've ever seen. He was ill, with flu, but still the material shone through and the delivery was good. I think being ill made him push himself.

I put my camera phone to good use and managed to take the above picture. Unfortunately it's a crap camera phone and the picture has no face, lucky then that I'm a master of digital enhancement technologies! Using modern digital photo re-touching techniques I've improved the image and printed a better version of it at the bottom of this post*. It's amazing what can be done these days!

Here's a better one of him coming on stage with a big sign in the background telling everyone what his name is.

And here's a phone video I took of his "spectacular" entrance:

You can hear my girly laugh exactly 6 seconds into the video. It really was very exciting.

I also taped a bit of his performance but to be honest it's not even worth posting it up. You can't really hear him properly and it'd ruin it if you're going to get the DVD, which I suggest you do. Honestly, not a foot wrong. Great night.


Here's today's Monday Dog:It's one of the many on my phone but I can't remember how on exactly it got there. I think someone sent me it on bluetooth, maybe my sister or my girlfriend. Not sure. Good picture though. Good because it's of a dog. He's hiding under a bench. Aren't dog's clever? Yes, yes they are.


* Here's the enhanced Ricky Gervais photo. This sort of digital restoration would not have been possible a few years ago:


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That enhanced picture is fucking shit.
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