Smoke it straight.

Today I've spent most of my time trying to sort out some of the stuff I've been working on recently with old clips of the phone in show. It's been a long and, to be honest, quite odd day. Last night I went round to Daryl Denham's house and ended up staying in his spare room after nailing a fair few glasses of Baileys. Not good for the diet. I really will be in trouble tomorrow. Particularly given the fact we're supposed to go to Pizza Hut as well.

Still I feel that today I've reached a real milestone!

So much so that I took a picture of it:

How odd, there it was. A milestone telling me that in one direction lay Huddersfield, 23 1/2 miles away. That and "Holmfirlin(?)" which was 18 miles. Or, if I wanted, I could go the other way, to Sheffield. Seemed like a better option, it was only 3 miles away.

Clearly all of this happened on Sheffield Road. I think.

I've never seen a milestone in a place like that though. I always think of them as being the sort of thing you see in the countryside. But there it was. Surely it's there for decorative purposes? It wasn't serving a practical purpose anymore. There are big roadsigns all around there now.

Wondered how long it had sat there, at what point it had become oboslete and when anyone was going to notice it again. Would it be more trouble to move it than to leave it there or did the people concerned think it was a nice little reminder of the past. I dunno. But I took a picture of it because I wanted it to get a bit of recognition for the sterling and thankless task it fulfills every day. Poor little thing.



Jam said…
That and "Holmfirlin(?)" which was 18 miles.

I think that the place you were searching for is actually called Holmfirth, a rather large town/area on the outskirts of Huddersfield.

Hope that helps :).

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