Smooth flow

It confuses me that so many people have watched my Shrinking Man video via my Myspace account. I don't use the thing at all. I occasionally click "YES" to add a new friend but that really is it. I only know how to upload videos because I used it as an alternative site to store a very slushy video I made for my girlfriend for Valentine's day. Didn't want to inflict it on my You Tube subscribers so I posted it up there. Then oddly it started getting loads of viewers. So I removed it.

I don't know if the friends I've got on there are real friends either. Some of them are, then there's a few who I'm not sure I know. They asked if I wanted to be friends and I said yes. Why not? Madness. I think some of them have come via the Shrinking Man thing which I entered into a compettition for a joke. There's no chance it'll win, it's not good enough.

Anyway it amused me today to discover that my mate in the real world, Matt Mackay, now has his own myspace site. It's here. Although we're friends in the real world and although it has an old picture of me sleeping on it, I'm not one of his friends in the myspace world yet. I don't know how to do it so I'll just have to wait and see if he asks me to be his friend. Or whatever. Madness.

I don't really like myspace and I haven't properly entered into the spirit of it yet. It still seems like a very sh#te idea. What can you do on it that you can't do on blogger?

My mate James Piekos was talking to me about this Second Life thing. That sounds good. A whole world to explore. That said, I waste enough time sat infront of this thing. I'm off to do something like read a book or something.



Lloydd said…
Don't bother with myspace.
Meh said…
Nah I'm not a fan of Myspace either, Second Life isnt really all it's cracked up to be too. Unless you have endless supplies of real world money to spend on virtual world property. It's all a nice idea to start with, but they start getting real money involved and the addicted players start shelling out obscene amounts of cash just to get the nice purple couch they wanted for their virtual living room. Madness.

And i personally preferred the Flaming Man video :D Although my favorite YouTube video from you has to be the "Eye for an Eye" monologue. Genius =).

Leather Face said…
"Myspace" is strange, I suppose it's more of "aye this is me!" Great isn't it? But it is better than Blogspots because you can make it look pretty.

I have you has a friend on my Myspace even though I've spoke to you on the talk in show and contacted you through emails, I wouldn't really know if we'd be friends if we ever met but you seem a fun sort of guy who can be as geeky and cool as me, so I'm sure we'd get on.

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