(Sunday) Nice to have a break from that wacky world.

So, as usual over the weekend I made another YouTube video. I also stumbled over a f#cking awesome beatbox bloke whom I've added to the bottom of this post. Firstly here's my video. It's got some very primative animation in there which I did using paintbox and posting each frame individually into Windows Movie Maker. There must be an easier way than that... webheads? Surely someone must know how to do animation easily and without paying money? Anyone?

Finally my amazing quiz thing has been answered. Click here to see what I'm talking about. I'm going to do another one soon, just not quite yet. I liked the idea of doing a quiz. It was good wasn't it?

Right, anyway, here's my video that I made. It's a little bit rubbish and I have to admit that this is old stand up material which I have seriously performed to bemused and confused, audiences up and down The North Of England. You'll notice that it's not very funny. That's why I'm using the prefix "old", I've stopped doing stuff that is obviously not funny now and started trying to give people something to laugh at.

Direct link here. It's already had 3 viewers. It's a YouTube smash hit!

Here's the beatbox guy:

Direct link here.

And here is a video made by a mate of mine, Phil Tarry:

Direct link. In fact if you follow that link you'll see how many hits he's had. 15,930 at the last count. I think the more hits he gets the better, it's some sort of compettition. So watch it a few times.



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