(Thursday) They only meen fear.

Tommy Cooper was a genius. For some reason he's been having a mini-comeback in my house recently and I've been bombarding the brains of both James "works on Viking FM" Piekos and Matt "Phoneboy" Jagger with my Tommy Cooper DVD this week.

Phoneboy's comments were a mixture of confusion and "nowadays he'd get booed off stage if he tried all this rubbish". He enjoyed a bit of it here and there but, I think overall he wasn't impressed.

James's responses were equally mixed: "is he p#ssed? He looks to me like he's p#ssed".

I'm not saying they didn't enjoy the odd joke here and there but they weren't blown away. Not at all. I find it hard to convert people to him actually. I personally found he was one of those comedians with whom you sort of have a click moment where you suddenly start to find everything they do funny. It's quite rare but, with me, it happens sometimes with comedians. I just suddenly feel like I dig where they're at. Or something.

The thing is, it's not a case of people 'not understanding' Tommy Cooper. What is there to understand? He does a joke, it's silly, everyone laughs. I've learned to move on from such experiences these days. It just wrankles a bit when people don't find the same things funny.

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lloydc said…
I think Tommy Cooper is very funny. I'm shocked people have to be told who he is and be told he is funny. Shows I'm getting old. Les Dawson is also piss funny. I think there are similarities in their delivery.
James Piekos said…
I think it's a bit rich of me to claim that he was pissed, when at the time you showed me his video, I'd clearly had a drink or two.

What I would say about Tommy Cooper is that his delivery amazes me. If I read some of his gags on paper, I really wouldn't think they were funny, but when I hear him deliver them - and "get" them, it's a different matter.

He obviously has a very unique style of delivery, and if you've grown up with it, you'll find it instantly familiar end entertaining.

However, if you're from the same generation as Phoneboy and me, it might be a little more tricky.

Brilliant. I've managed to call you and old fart in so many words.

Well done everybody.

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