(Tuesday) for a hamburger today.

I've said it before on here and I'll say it again, Lee and Herring were not a great double act. They were good but not great. Both of them are producing far better work now they're apart than they ever did while they were together, in my humble opinion. However, it's exciting that they re-formed for the Ted Stock* thing recently and it's even more exciting that there is You Tube footage of the event...


Direct link.


Direct link.

Introducing them onto the stage is Simon Munnery. I've seen him twice and he's brilliant. Once in Manchester and once in Edingburgh. I've got a poster of him on the side of my bookshelf. That's how f#cking into him I am. Stick that up your nose.


I'm a comedy nerd. It's not going to help me when I'm onstage the week after next though is it?


*A benefit concert for the comedian Ted Chippington. Can't say I was ever into him myself. Can't say I was ever even aware of him myself. However there's a good post here by Harvey The Pooka about him. Check it out.


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