(Tuesday) The Star Niche problem arises once again. Why do they keep on at that? I'm not going to change my opinion on it. 2 + 2 will always be 4.

That's me looking fat underneath a boot. The reason I'm underneath a boot is explained here. They want photos of 100 people with boots on their head. Send one of yourself in and you too can look like a c#nt. Brilliant.

I think "This Is a Knife" is a great programme, it's a web TV thing that you get sent to your 'puter every week. It's in the sidebar on the left hand side of this blog. I was happy to put my head under a boot for it. Mind control. They've got me. Amazing really.

The question is, have I got you? Are you going to send them a picture of a boot, not becuase you like them but because you like me? Via this blog will they get anyone sending them a picture of a boot? I'm not sure that's the point of the exercise but it's interesting to ponder isn't it. Leave a comment if you do take a picture of yourself with a boot on your head and send them it. I'd be intrigued to know if any of this blog's readers are as stupid as the person who writes it.

Somehow I doubt it. By the looks of things my readership is largely responsible office workers. Peak time on this blog is 1pm nowadays. That's when they're all here. If you're reading around then there's more than a few of you. If you've logged on to read it at night, you're alone. You're some weirdo with an unhealthy interest in me. But if you're on during the day you're probably on your lunch break being entertained as you eat a sandwich or something. Brilliant.

Actually, judging the standard of this entry I think "entertained" is a bit of a stretch.

Look at that photo. What a f#cking mess my room is there. Train ticket lying on the floor. A towel sat on the floor as well. Madness. Two big fat unshaven chins. Disgusting.



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