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Mingfish lives on!

Skoot down the back and then eat something else...

(Tuesday) Can you read my drafts?

Sucking on a pink one, laughing at a shoe gun.

Shouldn't he be singing to them now? (Sunday)

He's on a par with her boyfriend

Tin cans and opel dreams.

Rang my mentor and he made me laugh like a girl.

Tescos is a good supermarket! It's good at exploiting it's workers, undercutting local businesses and it does really good ready meals.

Super moog transmitters light sparkles in my mind...

Now look into the tonic water and what do you see?

Draw a line through that with a pencil (Sunday)

There's going to be a Real surprise... (Saturday)

"January 2007 I hear a voice from the future telling me this year will be a gudden".

Scooby Dooby Poo (Thursday)


Stuck in the rut.

8 hours to de-frost? That's f#cking insane.

(Sunday) Neil Young is ace.

(Saturday) Sattybaybee

(Friday) Crunchie, thanks.

Things not happening and things...

Feel the buurn (Wednesday)

Well that's actually quite exciting if it works out (Tuesday)

Thor the Thunder God ate a big pie (Monday)

There's not enough agressive lorry drivers on the motorway these days.

Donald Duck her in her ear hole (saturday)

Skull duck you into next week

(Thursday) The Artless Collection.