8 hours to de-frost? That's f#cking insane.

The Monday DogThis is a pub dog which my girlfriend Jodie took a picture of. I think it was called Bailey, just like The Piekos dog from last year. Notice how Bailey has some sort of drink on the go, looks like a cup of tea. I imagine if it is a cup of tea Bailey will have made it in the correct way, boiling hot water on the tea bag then milk in second to taste. I imagine that, like me, there's nothing that annoys Bailey more than tea where some f#cknut has put the milk in first. Stupid!

So, aside from the obvious stuff I've been working on at the moment, one of the little projects which took slightly longer than I imagined was finishing off the video I made of me doing my "hilarious" stand up set. Finally though, it's done. Me doing odd stand up comedy in a gong club in Manchester. I've decided to put it in with my normal YouTube account. It's not great but it's also clear that I'm new to doing it.

I've really found it useful to transcribe the words up into subtitles actually. It's shown me how I mutter and mumble a bit on stage, something which is obviously not a good idea. I think the next time I get up and do it I'll be a bit better as a performer. Thanks to everyone who posted comments here with suggestions on how to improve my material. The next step is to write a bit more and have another go.

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Lloydd said…
Did you watch Crufts on telly?
Lloydd said…
Well done Nick. I would have been happy for you to go on longer, don't know why you were stopped. I was comfortable. I like it when you talked about types of laugh you are gonna get. People could not help by laugh, and you didn't tell a joke. You made them laugh on command.

P.S What is a coy carp? Is that a carp that is shy?

[It's spelt Koi, you facking cont].
Jess said…
Excellent effort Nick . I liked the distinctive spirit. Looking forward to watching you develope it. Don't leave it longer than you have to,to do it again.
Nicholarse said…
Didn't see Crufts, was on air. Did you tape it? Is it on YouTube?

Thanks for the kind words on the stand up. Looking to try and get some more stuff booked in asap.

Neil said…
Great stuff Nick, really good. Actually a good deal better than I expected given all your negative publicity (generated solely by yourself I might add!).

Funniest bit... the bit that actually made me smile sitting here alone with my computer? ".... no laughter."

Keep it up Nick.
jodester said…
it wasn't bailey - thats another dog i sent you, this was just a pub dog who growled at me for taking her picture... nice that!
Nicholarse said…
Bloody 'ell! Be careful baby. That goes for anyone else who ever takes a dog picture for this blog. Some dogs charge for photos these days.
Susan said…
I would have to agree with Neil's comment. Not too shabby at all.

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