Feel the buurn (Wednesday)

Violent trauma and stressful events often confirm whatever opinions people had in the first place. Most people after the terror attacks of 7/7 believed whatever it was they already believed afterwards, just more strongly. The ID brigade crowed louder, the loony tunes shouted the same phrases over the top and as usual the cow jumped over the moon. Violence rarely changes the mind it simply fuels the heart.

I watched a programme on telly with my flatmate last night/early morning called Kill It, Cook It, Eat It. Blo#dy h#ll! That was hard to the core. They took some lambs out of a field wandered into the slaughterhouse with them, killed them all with stun guns, hooked them up, ripped their skin off and then started cutting them up. Just like that. Next thing you know they're eating the stuff. Insane!

I've always said that I'd be a veggie if I had to kill the animals myself. After watching that I'm less sure. Initially it really f#cked me up but now I've got a bit more perspective on it I think it has oddly given me a more rounded perspective on life. We are hunters and carnivores. If those creatures were on our menu but not in captivity we'd be running after them with dogs and ripping them apart. That's even less humane. I was a meat eater before I saw the programme and I still am, only now I feel strangely more passionate about it.

I'm still not sure I could stick a pig, kill a cow, or shoot a lamb, personally but I'm more comfortable with myself about eating them now. I wonder if that will be the same for the people who saw the animals being killed live? That's actually a question I should be able to answer as oddly enough one of my girlfriend's work mates was actually in the show as a member of the public who watched the slaughter. I'm looking forward to drilling her about it at some point.



Leather Face said…
We're "Hunter Gatherers" thats for sure. But! I think it's pretty to put what your saying in this blog in the same context. Now take for instance these Lambs were taken out of a field into a slaughterhouse - not exactly Hunting, they have been manipulated to trust humans to some point. Now don't get me wrong I eat meat, but I do ask myself how I can eat this sort of kill from time to time - I even went veggie for 6 months after watching "The Corporation".

A bloke down at the gym I goto told me he used to work in a abatoir for 5 years and it's turned him into a full time vegetarian.

I've watched these sort of programmes before and they tend to pi** me off because the people doing the killing sort of try to give this macho, hunter attitude! Now if they'd actually gone out and hunted and killed a wild animal I'd give them more respect or if they'd showed remorse and a sense of guilt rather than machoism to killing a docile farm annimal then again I'd give them more respect.

This is a strong subject that I feel passionate about, I could write loads but I won't!

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