(Friday) Crunchie, thanks.

The strange world of YouTube is drawing me in. More so than myspace which still seems to be aimed at people who have no idea about the internet and/or creativity.

My videos seem to notch up views pretty sharpish, although that is of course helped by links from this blog. I'm guessing from my stats here that about one quarter of the people who read this are prepared to follow the links through to watch videos directly off the YouTube site.

Interestingly readership here has also recently increased quite a bit, I think because of the re-direct from YouTube but it's hard to tell. If you're a new reader to this blog; hello! Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this post. Recently comments have started to increase a bit. That's a good thing, I think.

What's odd about releasing something into the world of YouTube is that it starts to take on a life of its own. Furthermore, while these clips are going out and about, meeting people and talking to them, I'm sat here slowly evolving my own opinion of them. Here's the story of all the clips I've posted on YouTube, in order of their popularity, as well as my current opinion on them.

The Glastonbury clip, 774 views.

This clip has had the most viewings because it is obviously a popular search term. Also, it's interesting for people who have never been to Glastonbury and it was the first thing I ever posted on YouTube so has had more time to gather viewings. Despite its "popularity" it has never been favourited or rated.

The Speeding Clip from The Phone in, 535 views.

This clip benefitted from a plug on the website Digitalspy.co.uk which I sometimes frequent. Of all the phone in show ones I've done this one now seems quite tame. That said, I'm happy that it's also the one which has been the most watched, it's a good clip with a good caller. It'd serve as a nice introduction to the show I used to do.

Gandhi: "An eye for an eye...", 403 views.

This video almost went viral in Poland. Seriously! It's a classic example of what I'm talking about when I say that they start to take on a life of their own. It was linked to by someone from this forum in Poland. Using a translation programme off the internet I've sussed out that the initial post is something like: "Eye for eye makes world blind. Look at this video. Goofiness, But completely amusing." I think the other posters approve of my work.

Furthermore this video has been linked to by a few myspace sites. This has also boosted its views. As did me promoting it quite heavily as "my favourite video" via this blog for a bit.

It's had some nice comments on it and has even been favourited once. It has a rating of 3 stars after four people took the time out to rate it. Of all the videos I've done I think this one is the most "me" of them all.

Lets twist again, 326 views.

This is one of the stupid videos I made when I was b#ggering about with stuff I sing in the shower. It contains search terms which have boosted its hitrate and has also become a common site for people using something called "YouTube Spider". Mainly people in Turkey I think. Madness.

My mate Phil Tarry has called it awesome and it's got 3 stars out of two votes. I'm guessing one was 0 stars and one was 5.

Nick Margerrison storms out, 301 views.

What a great caller this guy is! This is one of the more extreme calls from my Hallam FM phone in shows. I like the fact that despite my animated delivery I'm putting together a solid argument which I'd still standby today. Page 3 should be banned. That's the reality of the situation. It's it the wrong place, put it on the top shelf or the internet and be done with it. Don't put it in a newspaper.

Some nice comments there and a solid 5 star rating. Favourited 3 times. Can't be bad.

Britney Spears sucking... 300 views.

Now as far as search terms go, that surely has to be one of the best titles in the world? Still it's only done 300 views. Ruined. I feel a little cheated. That said, it's not a great video is it? Some misheard lyrics. Deserves its lowly 3 star rating. Some kid has put it on their myspace as well. Never know, maybe it'll go viral. Doubt it.

Ricky Gervais's Fame Tour, 226 views.

I've got some of his material on my phone as well but it seems a little unfair to go posting it up and therefore ruining the forthcoming DVD. It's sat on my computer now. The sound quality is sh#t and the picture is awful. That was a good show though.

What happens when you die, 200 views.

Hmm, I'm not sure I like this video anymore. It seems like what it is; stupid 6th form preaching. I wrote the sketch itself as a 6th form kid musing about how horrible the world was. It now seems a little naive and, well, w#nk. That said one person was nice enough to favourite it and it's got 5 stars so perhaps I'm just taking it all a bit too seriously.

The Amazing Shrinking Man, 152 views.

Why hasn't this had more views? I don't understand. I think of this as my mainstream video, the one that everyone should love as soon as they see it. Instead it sits in the shadow of less commercial fayre like The Gandhi clip. I don't get it! This should be the most popular of the lot yet it sits right down here alongside all the stuff like clips of my blender as so on. If you've read this entry as far as here you'll have a moral duty to go out and promote this clip. It's ace. Send the link to your friends. Dansufc loves it! He's put a nice comment. It's got 5 stars. What the f#ck is wrong with people? Why hasn't everyone seen this one?

My ace blender, 115 views.

Good audio, sh#t video, nice blender.

Today's News, 103 views.

Chris Morris rip off. I thought it wasn't when I made it but it really is. The only good bit is the scally bloke who is a correspondant. I'm thinking about deleting it.

Nick tries to talk to ants, 98 views.

The routine I go into here started out as a piece I was working on for my stand up, as did the Gandhi thing. The fact that I was actually going to try and tell this story as a stand up piece totally blows my f#cking mind now. Forget simply being booed offstage, I'd have got lynched. It's a radio piece through and through. You can't use it anywhere else. I just didn't understand that back then.

What particularly amuses me about this video is that one of the women at the garage I go to near work once said she'd laughed like mad at this bit when she heard it. Without wishing to stereotype I'd always thought of it as a bit of an odd surreal set piece and couldn't have been more chuffed that a working mother of two had dug it. It still gives me a buzz to think of that. She's a lovely woman. Perhaps she was laughing 'coz she thought it was sh#t?

Scary laughing bloke, 88 views.

Me and James Piekos saw him and videoed him in Bridlington.

Fire to ice, 66 views.

This had to be re-loaded coz the file got corrupted. As a result its had hardly any hits and the comment that Claire left on it is missing. "Nearly genius" was the comment. What a great comment! I'm gutted I had to re-load the thing. It's a lost classic this one, even if I do say so myself. It has its roots in some old stand up I was looking at writing. It then moved on to being a podcast idea me and James Piekos were working on that ultimately got put to one side.

Most festive taxi driver of Manchester, 57 views.

Pretty straightforward video of a nice taxi driver dressed as Santa.

Nick Margerrison's meaning of life, 56 views.

This one is climbing the charts quite rapidly. It's had five votes and has a solid 5 star rating. Lovely stuff. It's yet to be favourited by anyone though. I think it's one of the best samples of the show I've put up yet. Still, there we are. The visuals are a bit sh#t. Until it kicks off at the end. I like Pob.

The Big Ears riff, 56 views.

I love this video but I can't see why anyone else would.

The Amazing Flaming Man, 50 views.

Half ars#d version of "the shrinking man". I'm thinking of doing an improved version of this when I get some spare time. A digitally enhanced version. Improve it and make it better, not worse, than its predecessor.

Feed Tha Buyrds, 40 views.




Lloydd said…
I'm most taken by your superhero animations. I am sad people haven't viewed them as much. I've watched the Shrinking Man repeatedly.

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