Mingfish lives on!

Today I sat in my front room and was interviewed about my life as an aspiring stand up comedian. The interview took in everything from the way I got started in my radio career all the way through to the events which led to the unpredictable end of the Hallam FM phone in show. I spoke about being on air on Hallam FM as the Terror attacks of September the 11th were being reported, and the way in which it changed my outlook on being a radio presenter. I talked about the infamous "Knock Knock joke", being booed offstage in Sheffield and then rapped on about how the internet is transforming the media landscape. All in all it was a really f#cking odd experience but quite good fun.

I think I gelled quite well with Patrick, the bloke who's putting it together. He seemed like a good egg and really reminded me of a mate of mine who put in a splendid performance at my recent 30th Birthday Party. Perhaps that was just him doing his job well though? Who knows. Time will tell how that little project goes.

I'm still recovering from my weight gain yesterday at weight watchers; 2.5lbs. That's one annoying thing about being filmed today, I'll look all fat. And I've got "Action Man" hair. That's a bit annoying. While he got ready to film me he was adjusting his camera for ages and part of me couldn't help but think to myself, "he's doing that because you look really fat". Oh dear. I really am turning into a woman. Literally, I'm growing breasts!

In other news, last night, me and Daryl Denham and Matt Mackay and Dave Henning made a bit of a night of it and ended up watching some stupid YouTube videos. One of them was the old Gandhi video I made last month which is continuing its rise without any further help from me. Now pulling in 519 hits! It has been linked to by this fine blog over here. It's clearly a blog of quality and distinction, with a high readership. Firstly it must be good if whoever writes it digs one of my videos and secondly it's got a high readership coz around 100 or so people have come through that link to the video. Lovely stuff.

However, on the flip side the video now has a 3 star rating! That annoys me, I think it deserves more than that.



Leather Face said…
The trouble is, it's way off the mark. You see you've taken the statement literally, easily done but I wouldn't have thought a bloke like you would've. Or I could be thick and you really understand the statement but just want to make a joke ;0).

What is meant by "an eye for an eye" in the religious sense is that the punishment should fit the crime here on earth and only god in heaven can dish out the true deserved punishment. So if you murder someone then you should go to prison and not be murdered yourself. Of course you have to be religious and believe in god and stuff for this work.
confused said…
Glad the video is getting popular. I really enjoyed it. Loved the commentary.

And thanks for the kind words.
Jess said…
Films of Record are a great ideas factory and I think have tapped into a market with really exciting interactive potential. Hope it works out for you Nick.

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