Now look into the tonic water and what do you see?

Here's today's Monday Dog

This is Chloe, Matt Mackay's dog. She's appeared here before but this is a new picture. Matt came running up to me yesterday and went "Nick, Nick, look, I've got you a Monday dog!". Well, he sort of did that. To anyone else it would have looked like he went "look, my new camera on my new phone is pretty good isn't it, here's a picture of my dog". But, that's sort of code. In a way. Good picture isn't it?

Then there's this fantastic website made by my good friend Jon Ardern. He's a critically acclaimed artist who is fetted by the great and the good on a regular basis. I'm loving all the post collapse civilisation stuff he's got on there. Click here to go see!

And finally, here's a treat, this is a playlist of all my talkshow stuff edited together into one long thing which should play all in one go... that's good isn't it?



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